Aeration Systems

Whether the problem is winter/summer fish kills, nuisance algae, foul odors or organic sedimentation, aeration systems can dramatically improve the physical and aesthetic quality of your water.

Complete Aeration Systems

These systems are generally more efficient than fountains if the water is deeper than 5 feet, and have no electrical components actually in the water. Also, they are fairly easy to install, requiring only common tools and a small boat.

Our aeration systems consist of an air compressor located on shore, which pushes air through an airline to an air diffuser that is placed on the bottom of the pond/lake. Thousands of tiny bubbles stream out of the air diffuser and create a current which draws stagnant bottom water to the surface, where it is then aerated, and sends fresh surface water to the bottom.

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Custom Designed Aeration Systems

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Reasons to Install an Aeration System

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