Custom Designed Aeration Systems

Custom designed aeration systems are one of our specialties. Since no two bodies of water are alike, it is best to have a system designed specifically for your needs. By sending us some basic information, we can provide you with aeration system recommendations and price quote.

These recommendations are based on the information that you send to us, so the more complete and accurate your information is, the more useful our response will be.

To receive a recommendation, please send answers to all of the following questions to

  1. Name and address where the pond/lake is. We will look it up on Google Earth to see the shape and calculate the size.
  2. If it is a new pond that we cannot find on Google Earth, please send Approximate Surface Acres and describe shape (go to Pond Calculator for help). If it is irregularly shaped, a scaled drawing with maximum length and width is needed to give a good recommendation
  3. Maximum and Average Depth (Average is usually 1/2 of Maximum, unless the sides drop off very fast)
  4. What are your goals for the pond/lake? Is this a swimming pond, fishing pond, wildlife habitat, retention pond, irrigation pond, etc?
  5. What are you using aeration for? For example, are you trying to protect fish from low oxygen during weed & algae treatments, or are you trying to improve water quality, or is it only for winter aeration?
  6. What is your nearest electrical access? Describe relative to Aerial View (on Google Earth) or show on sketch. This is important when determining the location of a compressor cabinet, or electrical control panel for fountains
  7. Do you want to incorporate a fountain into your aeration plans, or do you want to do it as affordably as possible?