About Us

Keystone Hatcheries LLC supplies landscapers, pond owners and the pond/lake management industry with top quality products and services. We are both a Wisconsin and Illinois company, fully licensed and certified to operate in each state. 

Pond & Lake Products:  Keystone Hatcheries LLC offers a large selection of high-quality pond products that we ship anywhere in the USA. You can order over our website or call 815-678-2537. If you prefer to shop from a catalog, call and ask for a copy.

Fish Stocking:  Keystone Hatcheries LLC specializes in complete fish stocking services in Illinois and Wisconsin. We raise many species of fish at our hatchery from egg. With a fleet of over 12 live fish trucks, we are able to handle any stocking. 

Aquatic Plants:  We have a wide selection of Aquatic Plants for water gardening available at our retail store from April through September. Varieties include Tropical and Winter Hardy species of water lilies, lotus, iris, marginals, floaters and submerged plants. 

Retail Store:  April through September Keystone Hatcheries LLC has a retail store open to the public. Customers can roam the grounds looking at fish ponds or shop for fish, aquatic plants and a wide variety of pond products in a unique setting.

 History:  Keystone Hatcheries LLC, a family owned business founded in the early 1990’s, was “hatched” out of Robinson Wholesale, Inc., a major supplier to the Midwest’s bait and fishing tackle industry for nearly 70 years. Around 1940 George W. Robinson decided to turn his favors for his fishing buddies into a new business venture. Being an avid fisherman, he would return home from his northern Wisconsin fishing trips with live bait that was not readily available in the south. Heeding his buddies’ requests, he began bringing enough bait back with him to sell during the week. Then, the weekend came and it was back up north for another fishing trip, and another load of bait. Thus began Robinson Wholesale, Inc. His son, Jerry Robinson, soon took over the bait division of the business, and though he couldn’t manage as many fishing trips, he grew it into one of the largest bait and tackle distributing companies in the country.

Today his 3 sons run the business - Ken Robinson operates the tackle division and Joe Bucher Outdoors, Dave Robinson operates the bait and trucking divisions and Mike Robinson operates Keystone Hatcheries LLC.