Buy Live Koi & Goldfish - Pricing & Availability

Information to help you buy live Koi & Goldfish:

Mid spring thru September we have Koi and Goldfish in display tanks at our facility in Richmond, IL. You are able to view the fish, and if you find one that you like, we will carefully net it out and package it up for you to take home. We put the fish in large plastic bags with oxygen, so they will be fine for multi-hour car rides. Ideally, you should bring a tub with you to put the bag in for the trip home. Rubbermaid tote tubs work great. The largest bags are about 2 feet long by 18 inches wide when full, and weigh up to 25 pounds. If you don’t have an appropriately sized tub, we can box up the bag for a small fee.

Below is an availability list that we typically update weekly during the season. You can email us at if you want to check on something before making the trip.  We would be happy to update you about the general selection, but we do not give details on specific fish in the mix, because that changes from day to day:

Update. 9-22-2021.  We have put the Koi and Goldfish away for winter.  Check back for updates spring of 2022, or follow us on Facebook.


Decorative Grade Koi

These Koi are just as healthy as their select and premium grade brothers and sisters, but they just didn’t make the cut! You will still find nice looking fish in this grade, but their colors may not be as bright.

Item # Koi Size Availability Price
DG34 3-4” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $8
DG46 4-6” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $18
DG68 6-8” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $34
DG810 8-10” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $59
DG1012 10-12” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $109
DG1214 12-14” Decorative Koi Spring 2022 $149

Select Grade Koi

This grade has both Butterfly and Standard Fin Koi with bright colors, sharp patterns and good body shape. There are some metallic Koi mixed in, as well as some of the basic Japanese varieties.

Item # Koi Size Availability Price
SG34 3-4” Select Koi Spring 2022 $16
SG46 4-6” Select Koi Spring 2022 $36
SG68 6-8” Select Koi Spring 2022 $68
SG810 8-10” Select Koi Spring 2022 $119
SG1012 10-12” Select Koi Spring 2022 $219
SG1214 12-14” Select Koi Spring 2022 $299

Premium Grade Koi

The Premium grade is made up of Butterfly Koi with long, graceful fins, and Standard Fin Koi with very bright colors and many with recognizable Japanese color patterns and varieties including Sanke, Showa, Asagi, Kohaku, Ogon, Tancho and more.

Item # Koi Size Availability Price
PG48 4-8” Premium Koi Spring 2022 $89
PG812 8-12” Premium Koi Spring 2022 $269
PG1214 12-14” Premium Koi Spring 2022 TBD

Common Goldfish

Although this grade of Goldfish is not the fanciest, they go through the same strict quarantine and treatment procedure as our other Koi and Goldfish. Most Commons are orange, but some white, red and bronze colored specimens are sometimes mixed in.

Item # Size Availability Price
CG35 3-5” Common Goldfish Spring 2022 $6
CG57 5-7” Common Goldfish Spring 2022 TBD

Fancy Goldfish

Our Fancy Goldfish include Sarrassa Commons, Shubunkins, Multi-color Fantails and the occasional Wakins.

Item # Size Availability Price
FG35 3-5” Fancy Goldfish Spring 2022 $9
FG57 5-7” Fancy Goldfish Spring 2022 $19
FG7+ 7”+ Fancy Goldfish Spring 2022 $49