Deep Water Solar Aeration System, 4 Diffusers

Deep Water Solar Aeration System, 4 Diffusers

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These Deep Water Solar Aeration Systems are designed for ponds up to 4 acres and 35 feet deep!  They utilize rocking piston compressors to deliver effective aeration to deeper water depths than other traditional solar systems. These direct drive systems operate during daylight hours and are designed to start earlier, run later and even operate on moderately cloudy days, giving you more operating time. The results are much more total cfm of air delivered per day than other non-battery systems currently on the market.

Warranty Info:

  • Fifteen years on panels
  • Five years on airline and diffusers
  • Three years on compressor. (Excludes wearable items; piston cup, valves, etc. Air filters must be cleaned or replaced every six months.)
  • Lifetime warranty against rust on aluminum cabinet

Each system includes:

  • High quality aluminum cabinet, in beige color, with two circulating fans
  • Oil-filled pressure gauge and pressure relief valve
  • Rocking piston compressor
  • High output solar panels
  • Pre-cut fabricated solar mounting racks for easier installation (purchase mounting poles locally)
  • Self weighted, self cleaning Air Diffusers (See quantity per system below.)
  • Self weighted airline (See quantity per system below.)

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The table below lists information, including quantity of different components included, for each system.
Item #

Max Pond



Size (HP)

# of Solar


# of


Feet of

Weighted Tubing


Up to 1.5 acre

1/4 3 2 200
SASD23 Up to 2.5 acres 1/2 4 3 300
SASD34 Up to 4 acres 3/4 6 4 500

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