Walleye generally prefer large, deep, cool open-water areas with rocky shoals and inlet streams. However, if conditions are right, a certain number of this fish can be maintained in smaller lakes and ponds.

Walleye Advice:

Walleye are bottom dwellers during daytime hours, so lakes and ponds with stagnant summertime bottom water do not provide good habitat. Also, they are among the first to die during low oxygen conditions, so they are not a good choice for shallow nutrient rich ponds that often flirt with fish kills.

At night, they feed predominantly on smaller fish such as bass, perch, minnows, and to a certain extent Bluegills, so a strong forage base is necessary.

Generally, we recommend stocking about 20 per Surface Acre for an initial stocking, and then perhaps 10 per acre every few years, because they are unlikely to reproduce.