Smallmouth Bass

Although the Smallmouth Bass is very popular with fishermen, it is not always the best choice for shallow lakes or ponds. This species requires cool water temperatures for good growth, and normally has a hard time competing for food with the more aggressive Largemouth Bass. Stone quarry-type ponds with a strong forage base normally provide good Smallmouth Bass habitat because of their deep cool waters and rocky substrate.

Smallmouth Bass Fish Advice:

Smallmouth Bass feed on much the same thing as Largemouth Bass, and generally only take pellets if trained at a hatchery.  If there is natural food present, they probably will not take pellets at all.

If there are no Largemouth Bass present, we recommend stocking approximately 100 per Surface Acre.  If you do have Largemouth Bass, stock a smaller quantity, like 25 per Surface Acre, and see what happens.