Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is a great fish to stock if you plan on ice fishing. Keep every trout you catch for dinner though, because they generally will not live through the summer. Sustained temperatures over 72°F will prove fatal. Many ponds and lakes do have bottom water below 72°F through the summer, but often there is an oxygen depletion, which renders this cool water useless. Some deep rock quarry ponds can hold trout through the year, as well as ponds fed by cold flowing spring water.

Rainbow Trout Advice:

Stocking rates vary greatly based on available food and oxygen levels, but 50 pounds of trout per acre is usually no problem for a supplemental fall, winter, spring stocking.  If you have a unique trout pond that holds them throughout the year, please contact one of our biologists for custom stocking recommendations.



FOR A PRICE LIST, plus ordering and availability info, WI & IL Customers can email us at info@keystonehatcheries.com. Sorry, but we do not sell fish outside of WI or IL at this time.

CUSTOM FISH STOCKING RECOMMENDATIONS: email us with some info and we will recommend a stocking for you.