Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is one of the fish most sought after by anglers, and is also very well suited for stocking in most mid-western ponds.

If Largemouth Bass fish are provided with an adequate food supply, you can expect tremendous growth rates.

Largemouth Bass Advice:

Fish, crayfish, frogs, and large insects make up their diet.  They will take high protein pellets if they are trained at about 2" in size, but you generally can not train them at advanced sizes.

This species is commonly used to control populations of Bluegill in ponds and lakes by stocking approximately 100 per Surface Acre. We recommend less than that (about 75 per Surface Acre) in Hybrid Bluegill ponds.

Largemouth Bass will reproduce in most ponds and usually will not control their own population if stocked alone. This can lead to stunting and is very difficult to correct. By stocking Hybrid Bluegill or regular Bluegill at our recommended rates, you can usually achieve a natural balance between predator and prey, but occasional harvest of the most abundant size class may be necessary.

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