Fish Stocking Packages

The goal here is to make stocking your pond as easy as possible. Below are standard stocking packages for ponds in Wisconsin and Illinois that are either new or low on fish. These packages include average stocking sized fish in a combination that creates a rapidly growing population designed to become self-sustaining.

Please be aware that ideally you should discuss your situation with one of our biologists to come up with a plan specifically for you. But hey, if you want to stock the fish and be done with it, we get it!

So, if your pond or lake is in Wisconsin or Illinois, email us at with what you want, and we will get the ball rolling!

1/4 Acre Stocking Package

* Simply double everything (including cost) for 1/2 acre package



1 Acre Stocking Package



2, 3,4 & 5 Acre Stocking Packages

Same makeup of fish as the 1 acre package, increased by the number of acres:

  • 2 Acre Stocking Package $2,989.00*
  • 3 Acre Stocking Package $3,843.00*
  • 4 Acre Stocking Package $4,697.00*
  • 5 Acre Stocking Package $5,337.50*
* Estimated Cost, plus tax and delivery.  Prices subject to change without notice.



Over 5 Acre Stocking Packages

These larger stockings need to be custom quoted.  Send us an email at and we will get on it!


Please note, many other sizes, species and stocking combinations are available. Email us at if you would like to receive a fish price list. Or go to our Fish Stocking Recommendations page if you would like us to custom quote a stocking specifically for your situation.