Channel Catfish

If you would like to add diversity to your pond without upsetting the natural balance, Channel Catfish is a safe stocking choice. Also, they are relatively inexpensive so you can restock what you catch out annually.


Channel Catfish Advice:

Because their natural spawning habitat is hollowed-out riverbanks, there is very little chance that they will reproduce and overpopulate in a pond or lake. If you want them to spawn, which can be risky, you can put large culvert pipe or other structure on the bottom of the pond.

Channel Catfish are considered omnivorous, which means that they will eat just about anything, and as such they will readily take pellets.  Fertile ponds can handle up to 200 per Surface Acre, but their feeding behavior may cause poor water clarity.  If you want to maintain clear water we recommend that you stock about 25 to 100 per Surface Acre..


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