Brown Trout

Brown Trout are much sought after by anglers. It is an elusive fish, more difficult to catch than the Rainbow Trout. Commonly hiding out in the shade, this species can grow to large sizes and put up a real fight! But as with other trout, it cannot handle the the warm summer temperatures of most midwestern ponds.

Brown Trout Advice:

This fish will take pellets, but it will also happily feed on minnows and other small fish species. It handles about the same temperature ranges as Rainbow Trout, which means it is unlikely to survive the summer in most ponds, unless they maintain cool, well oxygenated water in summer.  This usually only occurs in ponds with a constant flow of spring water, or very deep ponds and lakes, like rock quarries.  However, you can stock trout in the early fall and have them to fish for until the following summer. Expect for them to run into trouble when the water temperature rises above 72F.

Stocking rates vary greatly based on available food and oxygen levels, but 25 to 100 pounds of trout per acre is usually no problem for a supplemental fall, winter, spring stocking.  If you have a unique trout pond that holds them throughout the year, please contact one of our biologists for custom stocking recommendations.


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CUSTOM FISH STOCKING RECOMMENDATIONS: email us with some info and we will recommend a stocking for you.