Brook Trout

This is the only native trout to Wisconsin and Illinois.  It requires slightly cooler water than brown or rainbow trout, so it isn't the most popular for stocking ponds, but most trout fishermen will tell you that it is their favorite because of the beautiful colors and flavor of the fillet.


Brook Trout

Brook Trout Advice:

Brook Trout will readily take pellets, but they will also feed on minnows and other small aquatic animals. As mentioned above, they require a little cooler water than browns and rainbows, so these are not for your average pond. But if you want to stock for fall, winter and spring, or if your pond is especially clean and cold, this is an exceptional fish to stock. Expect for them to run into trouble when the water temperature rises above 68F. 

Stocking rates vary greatly based on available food and oxygen levels, but 25 to 100 pounds of trout per acre is usually no problem for a supplemental fall, winter, spring stocking.  If you have a unique trout pond that holds them throughout the year, please contact one of our biologists for custom stocking recommendations.


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