Small Skimmer with Filter Brushes

Small Skimmer with Filter Brushes

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The Small Skimmer features a removable center divide with filter brushes that creates a pump compartment and a filtering compartment. The filter brushes reduce cleaning frequency and are less restrictive, making pumps less likely to run low on water. The removable simulated stone lid gives you easy access to check on the pump and clean the filters when necessary.

The Small Skimmer is 28" long x 18" wide x 20" tall, with an 8" wide water inlet. It skims ponds up to 600 square feet and handles up to 100 gpm (6000 gph) of water flow. Optional components include a Bottom Drain Kit, 24" extension tube, water fill valve, UV Clarifier, replacement filters and replacement debris net. This skimmer is also available with a vertical filter pad that does a slightly better job of removing debris from the water but is more likely to clog.

See this Pond Kit Installation PDF for details on what is involved with installing a skimmer.