pH Down, 16 oz bottle

pH Down, 16 oz bottle

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Increases acidity and decreases alkalinity. This product is ideal for reducing excess alkalinity caused by new concrete. Phosphate free, will not contribute to algae blooms. 16 ounce bottle is enough to lower pH by 1 point in 960 gallons of water in most cases. Available in 1 gallon bottles by special order.

Please be aware that pH levels change during the course of the day.  We recommend that you always check at the same time early in the morning.  Also, if you reduce alkalinity too much, the pH level is likely to crash.  We generally recommend not adjusting in fish ponds, unless there is a significant high pH problem with the fish.

Dosage Rates: Add small amounts and test pH until it is in the ideal range of 7.0 to 8.5.

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