Large AquaFalls with Matala Pads

Large AquaFalls with Matala Pads

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Give your pond a beautiful waterfall and biological filter all in one! AquaFalls feature a simulated rock lip that bolts right to your filter, which makes installation very easy. A termination strip is also available if you do not need or want the simulated rock lip.

Email us at if you would like a quote for this product with the termination strip instead of the lip.

This Large AquaFalls includes a filter support stand (used to keep filter pads off bottom, preventing clogging), 2 bulkhead fittings, 1 Green (coarse) Matala Filter Pad, 2 Blue (medium) Matala Filter Pad and 6 mesh bags for filter media (not included - use about 1 cubic foot per mesh bag). The Matala Filter Pads are the best on the market today! It is far more durable than standard pads and are much easier to clean out.

The Large AquaFalls measures 65" long x 36" wide x 36" tall, with a 50" waterfall opening. It provides biological filtration for ponds up to 15,000 gallons and handles a maximum recommended flow of 250 gpm (15,000 gph).

See this Pond Installation PDF for detailed information on what is involved with installing an AquaFalls.