Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser, 23" Wide

Product Code: UWD23

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Universal waterfall diffusers are a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls.
  • Ideal for use at beginning of streams and in block walls, pools and formal fountains
  • Super strong vertical rib design creates a nearly indestructible diffuser
  • 3-1/2” low profile makes them easy to conceal
  • 14” depth ensures all sizes work together
  • Load bearing design allows block to be stacked directly on diffuser
  • Each unit has Dual 2" male threaded inlets
  • Optional Copper Spillway Attachment available
The table below gives the recommended flow rate of each diffuser in Gallons Per Hour
Item # Description Recommended Flow (GPH)
UWD16 16” wide Diffuser 1000-4000
UWD23 23” wide Diffuser 1500-6000
UWD32 Dual 16” wide Diffusers 2000-8000
UWD46 Dual 23” wide Diffusers 3000-12000


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