3/4 HP Multi-Nozzle Kasco, 115 volt

3/4 HP Multi-Nozzle Kasco, 115 volt

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The Kasco Multi-Nozzle Jet Fountain gives you the ability to easily change the looks of the spray pattern with no extra costs! You get five easily changeable spray nozzles with the purchase of just one fountain!

  • Energy efficient 3/4 HP motor only draws 6.7 amps (115v) or 3.3 amps (230v)
  • Will operate in as little as 18" of water!
  • Fountain available with 50 thru 200 foot power cord – select when ordering
  • Weatherproof control panel with timer and Human rated Class A GFCI Breaker Included
  • Includes five spray patterns
  • Add an optional Kasco light kit for beautiful night time display!
  • Two year warranty

The table below shows spray pattern dimensions for different nozzles in all sizes of Multi-Nozzle Jet Fountains.

Pattern 3/4HP Ht.xDia. 1HP Ht.xDia. 2HP Ht.xDia. 3HP Ht.xDia. 5HP Ht.xDia.
Willow 6.5’x21’ 9’x31’ - - -
Sequoia 13’x8’ 18’x11’ - - -
Cypress 7’x17’ 9’x28’ - - -
Linden 9’x29’ 12’x31’ 15.5’x38’ 20.5’x38’ 24.5’x46’
Birch 7’x5’ 11’x8’ 11’x10’ 16’x12’ 24’x14’
Balsam - - 14’x32’ 19’x34’ 18’x34’
Spruce - - 21’x10’ 26’x12’ 31’x12’
Redwood - - 22’x6’ 27’x6’ 32’x6’

See this Product Brochure for detailed information on this fountain.

See Kasco Light Kits for lighting options.