Bio Balls, 1 cubic foot

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These plastic Bio-Balls are a great media for use in all types of biological filters.
  • Can be used as a loose media or put in mesh bags for easy removal and cleaning
  • Will not compact like other soft media, reduces channelizing of water around media
  • 1-1/2" in diameter, black in color
  • Available in one cubic foot or 4.5 cubic foot box
Advantages of Bio Balls over Lava Rock
  • Bio Balls are inert, so they won't leach any minerals into the water that can lead to algae growth, like Lava Rock.
  • A bag of Bio Balls weighs approximately 8 pounds instead of Lava Rocks 40 lbs!
  • Lava Rock tends to shred media bags.  Bio Balls are much easier on them!