Barley Straw, Ready Bagged

Barley Straw, Ready Bagged

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This is a prepackaged ready to use bag of Barley Straw that weighs about 6 to 9 pounds, depending on moisture content, and measures roughly 24x14x12. 

Decomposing Barley Straw can act as a natural water clarifier.  Effectiveness is a result of several “natural“ processes that add up to better water quality.  Placing the barley in an area of circulation from diffused aeration systems or fountains can dramatically increase effectiveness.  Also, it takes about 3 weeks under water for barley straw to begin to work, and it is used up after about 3 months.  Therefore, best results are achieved when you set up a rotation.  Below is an example that can be used in areas like the upper midwest that have freezing conditions November thru March:

  • April 1st - Install first dose
  • June 1st - Install second dose
  • July 1st - Remove first dose
  • August 1st - Install third dose
  • September 1st - Remove second dose
  • November 1st - Remove third dose 

There are different uses for Barley Straw in ponds.  The dosage rates that we give below are strictly for use as a water clarifier.  See this PENN STATE EXTENSION ARTICLE for information on other uses.

Dosage Rates

Koi Ponds & Water Gardens: One bag (roughly 6-9 lbs per bag) will typically treat 1,000 square feet of surface area, or about 15,000 gallons for up to 3 months.

Lakes & Ponds: Five bags will typically treat one surface acre for up to 3 months.

Pond Calculator Use to calculate the volume or area of your pond.