6" Weighted Rubber Membrane Air Diffuser w/ 1/2" MPT

Product Code: RAD650W

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These EPDM rubber air diffusers are incredibly strong and very easy to clean. In testing, they produce a slightly larger air bubble than air stones or other diffusers, which means less oxygen transfer into the water. But their low cost and effortless setup makes them a terrific choice if you are simply trying to circulate or destratify pond water. Diffusers have 1/2" MPT connection. Use our #SS41238 adapter to attach to 3/8" airline.

 The 6" Diffuser is self weighted, which keeps it from floating up.  It is the replacement diffuser for the DM4 Manifold Diffuser, or it can be used alone for smaller aeration jobs.

The table below shows the recommended and maximum airflow for each of the rubber membrane diffusers in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).


Item # Recommended Airflow Maximum Airflow
#RAD650W 0.4 CFM 1.7 CFM
#RAD850 0.7 CFM 2.5 CFM
#RAD1250 0.9 CFM 3.5 CFM