59.5" wide Stainless Steel Spillway, 2" lip

Product Code: SSS59

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These durable spillways are made of stainless steel, making them ideal for formal displays that feature sheet flowing waterfalls. 6 sizes available in standard 2" lip or the extended 6" lip. Features include:

  • Recommended flow rate of ten gallons per minute (600 gph) per foot of width
  • 1" fpt inlet in back wall, dual inlets on 35" & 4" models, and 3 inlets on 59" and 71" models
  • Designed to be used with LED light strip
  • 2" lip standard or 6" lip available for easy installation behind brick wall
  • Internal baffle calms incoming water creating even, smooth flow over lip
  • Ideal for formal features, signs and swimming pool features

Email us at info@keystonehatcheries.com if you would like assistance with designing a waterfall feature or see this Vianti Falls Installation Manual PDF.