21x21' Medium Pond Kit

21x21' Medium Pond Kit

Product Code: EM2121FB

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This kit is a step above our Small Pond Kits. It includes a larger filter for increased capacity, as well as a larger check valve and 2" water line for increased flow. Due to the filter size, all medium pond kits ship motor freight. Each kit it includes:

  • 45 mil EPDM Liner
  • Pond Liner Underlayment
  • Pond Skimmer with filter brushes
  • AquaFalls Biofilter/Waterfall Base
  • High Efficiency Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • Black PVC Flex Pipe
  • Bacteria
  • Waterfall Installation Kit - includes PVC glue, primer, silicone, liner patch and 1 can of black foam
  • 3 Light Kit with Transformer
See table below for specific information. Pond sizes are based on a 2 foot depth with no extra liner on the edges.


Item # Pond Size Liner Size Approx. Pond Gal. Pump Included Skimmer Included AquaFalls Included
EM2121 21x21 25x25 4950 TH400 PS1FB AM
Enter Pump, Skimmer or AquaFalls # into our search engine for more information on each component.

See this Pond Kit Installation PDF for details on what is involved with installing a pond kit.