2" Bottom Drain Kit (BD1 drain) incl 2" Bulkhead, Valve, Fittings

Product Code: BDK2N

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This terrific system lets you have both the benefits of a skimmer and bottom drain! The bottom drain is installed with flexible PVC pipe carrying the water under the liner, through a bulkhead and into the skimmer where a valve controls what percentage of the water goes through the skimmer faceplate (surface water) versus through the bottom drain.

Kit includes #BD1 Bottom Drain, 2" Bulkhead fitting, 2" valve and other fittings. Kit does not include 2" flexible PVC pipe. This kit is recommended for either of the Small Skimmers (Item #s PS1V and PS1FB).

Kit available with BDA Bottom Drain with Diffuser via special order. Please call or email for more information.