Natural Phosphate Binder, 2 lb.

Natural Phosphate Binder, 2 lb.

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This all natural powder formulation provides a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulphate (ALUM), to bind problem causing phosphate in pond water. It will also buffer pH, provide approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals, provide minor flocculation (settling) of mud and clay particles and aid in reducing ammonia.

Phosphorus is an important nutrient for aquatic plants. The amount found in water is generally not more than 0.1 ppm unless the water has become polluted from waste water sources or excessive fertilizer runoff. When phosphorus levels exceed what is required for normal pond health, a process called eutrophication or premature aging of a body of water can take place. If water quality problems are caused by high phosphorus, treatments of EasyPro Phosphate Binder can be added. It works by binding reactive phosphorus at the molecular level and removing it from the water column. This removal helps to improve water quality in ponds and lakes. Benefits include:

  • Improved clarity
  • Reduced phosphates
  • Stimulate biological activity
  • Works great with beneficial bacteria treatments

Dosage Rates: Always read and follow label instructions!

In Koi Ponds & Water Gardens: apply 1 oz scoop per 500 gallons twice a week for first two weeks, then once a week thereafter as maintenance dose. 

Or After Algaecide Treatments: apply 1 oz scoop per 500 gallons (or 1 pound per 8,000 gallons) to tie up nutrients released from decaying algae.

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