EasyPro Concentrated Serenity Pond Dye, 1 quart *Discount 12+*

EasyPro Concentrated Serenity Pond Dye, 1 quart

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EasyPro concentrated pond dyes may be poured directly into the pond. Upon complete dispersal these dyes are non staining and are fish, pet and wildlife safe. No water restrictions associated with the use of this product.

  • One quart is equal to one gallon of other dyes on the market
  • This is a nontoxic and harmless pond dye for use in ponds and lakes
  • Waters can be used for swimming and irrigation once product is dispersed
  • Compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides
  • Black dye creates a more reflective surface appearance while the the blue dye creates Caribbean blue water
  • Serenity dye is a mix of blue and black that creates a more natural look

Dosage Rates: Up to 1 quart per 4 acre feet of water (1 surface acre with an average depth of 4 feet).

Pond Calculator Use to calculate the volume or area of your pond.