3900 Gallon Complete Pond Filtration System

Product Code: ECK39U

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These kits combine Easypro Eco-Clear UV Pressure Filters and Submersible Pond Pumps for complete pond filtration.  Each kit includes submersible pump, pond filter, kink free tubing and hose clamps. 


Sizing info for different models listed in table below.


Item # Max Pond Size UV-watts Tubing Included
Max Flow
ECK13U 650 gallons w/ fish, 1300 w/o fish Yes-9 10 ft of 1" kink free
1300 GPH
ECK26U 1300 gallons w/ fish, 2600 w/o fish Yes-18 25 ft of 1-1/2" kink free 2600 GPH
ECK39U 1950 gallons w/ fish, 3900 w/o fish Yes-24 25 ft of 1-1/2" kink free 3900 GPH