Duckweed Seine, 24

Duckweed Seine, 24"x50' long x 1/16" mesh

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One of the best ways to deal with floating vegetation is to simply get it out of the pond! This seine (a big net) has floats along the top to keep the net at the surface to remove mats of duckweed, leaves or algae. Because the net is only 24 inches deep, fish can easily get out of the way.


1. Hold one end of seine net along the shore and take the other end out into the pond (by boat if too deep) and surround a section of duckweed in a circular type pattern, bringing the ends back together on shore.  This should be about a 50'x50' section of the pond.

2. Start to slowly pull both ends of the seine net onto shore, concentrating the duckweed.  If significant amounts of duckweed are going over the float-line, then you are pulling it in too fast.

3. Once the duckweed is concentrated near shore, scoop it out with a Heavy Duty Dip Net and pile it up on shore.  Let it sit for a day or so to dry out, and then it will be easier to haul away.  Can be used for compost!

4. Repeat in another section as necessary.


Do not try to remove too much duckweed all at once as it may overload the seine net, making it ineffective.

If you use this product for Watermeal, some of it is likely to go thru the mesh net.

Returns are not allowed once this product has touched the water.