Liquid Rock & Waterfall Cleaner, 32 oz

Liquid Rock & Waterfall Cleaner, 32 oz

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Use this liquid product for cleaning rocks and waterfalls.

  • Commercial strength oxy-based cleaning
  • Quickly and effectively clean rocks, waterfalls, water features, fountains, statues, plant pots, etc.
  • Lifts debris to pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer
  • Simply pour into area with most active water movement for best mixing
  • Safe for use with fish, birds, pets and wildlife

Dosage Rates: Apply 1 fluid ounce per 300 gallons of water once a week. Application can be repeated every 3 days until desired results are achieved. Read and follow all label instructions before use.

Shipping Restrictions: This product can only be shipped via UPS Ground.

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