PraziPro, 16 oz.

PraziPro, 16 oz.

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Liquid PraziPro is a ready-to-use, liquid concentrate that was developed to offer the hobbyist an effective way to control unwanted parasites in their pond. Extremely safe and super effective, this revolutionary product offers you rapid control yet will not negatively impact your biological filtration. The active ingredient Praziquantel is the product of choice when treating flukes, flat worms and tape worms.

Dosage Rate: To use, Do not stop filtration, but remove activated carbon. Apply one ounce per 200 gallons of pond water. A 16 ounce bottle treats 3,200 gallons once. A single treatment lasting 5-7 days is normally sufficient. Repeat as necessary, but no more than once every 3 to 5 days doing as large of a water change as possible between treatments. May be used as a preventative at the standard dosage when disease is likely (e.g., when adding new fish).

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