Palm Nozzle for 2 or 3 HP Kasco Multi Nozzle Fountains

Palm Nozzle for 2 thru 5 HP Kasco Multi Nozzle Fountains

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Kasco has developed several premium spray patterns for use with their 2, 3 and 5 HP Multi Nozzle Fountains. These nozzles can be purchased separately as desired to compliment the multiple spray patterns each fountain comes with. Please note that these nozzles are for 2021 and newer fountains.  Nozzles can be special ordered for older fountains, contact us for more information.  Fountain sold separately!

The table below shows maximum spray dimensions in feet for premium spray nozzles, each sold separately.

Spray Pattern 2HP 3HP 5HP
Mighty Oak 14.5x40 19.5x51 24.5x58
Magnolia 13.5x44 18x60 23.5x72
Mahogany 16x40 21x58 28x64
Madrone 15x43 20x59 24x70
Palm 12x26 16x36 20.5x40