Stratus KLC Aeration Kit - 1000-7500 gallons - 1 diffuser

Stratus KLC Aeration Kit - 1000-7500 gallons - 1 diffuser

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Ensure adequate oxygen levels and circulation during hot summer months and de-icing capability during freezing months with the Stratus KLC Linear Aeration Systems. 4 different kits are available with 1 to 4 diffusers for ponds up to 30,000 gallons. These systems feature quiet, energy efficient compressors with UL listing for outdoor use, and they carry a 3 year warranty!

All kits include a linear diaphragm compressor with 6' power cord, rubber membrane diffuser(s), connectors, weighted airline, and installation and maintenance instructions.

Item # Pond Size (Gallons)*

Number of 8" Diffusers

Length of Tubing Included Air Flow (CFM)** Max Depth Watts



Cost of Operation

LA1 1K-7.5K One 25 feet 1.3 6 feet 23 $1.51
LA2 2K-15K Two 50 feet 2.1 6 feet 36 $2.37
LA3 3K-22.5K Three 75 feet 3.1 6 feet 60 $3.94
LA4 4K-30K Four 100 feet 3.7 6 feet 70 $4.60
* Size pond that these systems will aerate depends on depth, fish load, filtration capacity and if it is for winter or summer aeration. Contact Keystone Hatcheries for sizing recommendations.
**Airflow rates given are max flow. Rate will decrease with depth.
***Based on 24/7 operation at $.09 per kWh. Actual cost will vary with operating conditions and local electrical rates