Shallow Pond Aeration Kit, Double Diffuser

Shallow Pond Aeration Kit, Double Diffuser

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These easy to install affordable aeration systems are designed for year round aeration in ponds under 7 feet deep, or for winter aeration in ponds of any depth. Please note that the actual size pond that a system will work for depends on many factors, including depth, vegetation load, fish load, amount of muck, length of winter and many other variables, so the figures in the table below are just estimates. Contact Us if you would like assistance sizing a system for your pond. Or see the Operation Instructions for more details System features include:


Item# PA6SWN Item# PA8SWN
Summer Aeration Up to 3/8 acre Up to 3/4 acre
Winter Aeration 1+ acres 3+ acres
# of Diffusers 1 each #DM4 2 each #DM4
Compressor/CFM #KLC60/3.1CFM #KLC80/3.7CFM
Airline Included 50' 1/2" Weighted 100' 1/2" Weighted
  • Linear Diaphragm Compressor are whisper quiet and energy efficient
  • 3 year warranty on compressor
  • Compressors have weather resistant enclosures. Use additional protection for maximum life.
  • All fittings necessary and complete installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

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