Submitting an Aquatic Weed Sample

If you are unsure what type of weed or algae you have, and want to know if it is good or bad, and what you should do about it, send us a photo and we will attempt to ID it and make a recommendation.  THE PHOTO MUST BE A CLOSEUP OF A SAMPLE REMOVED FROM THE POND. Place the sample on a plain background before taking the photo and make sure it is good resolution.

Please note that we are most familiar with Aquatic Weeds and Algae from the midwest, and may not be familiar with types from outside this area.  Also, sometimes identification is not possible just with a photo, but we will do our best and let you know.

Send this info along with the photo to assist us with making a recommendation for you:

  • Name*
  • Address or location of water body*
  • Treatments used, if any (give name of product, and how effective it was).
  • At what water depth is the weed growing (for example, it just grows around the edge of the pond in 1-3 feet of water, or it grows as deep as I can see)?
  • What is the general abundance of the weed (for example, it covers the whole pond, or it covers about 20% of the pond, mainly in the shallow areas)?

* Required Info! We will not respond to your email without this information.

Remember, the recommendations that we give are based on your information. So, the more complete and accurate your information is, the better and more useful our recommendation will be.