Solar Aeration Kit with Battery Backup, 3 Diffuser

Solar Aeration Kit with Battery Backup, 3 Diffuser

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**Photo Shows 2 diffuser system SPA-2N**

Solar powered aeration systems are great for remote or off the grid applications. The energy efficient design allows them to be deployed anywhere and provide all of the benefits of a standard aeration system without the need for power.

These systems include a battery back up, which enables them to run at night or during extended periods of poor weather. They have a timer, which allows 20 hours per day of operation, then the system turns off for 4 hours to allow the batteries to "top off". Under ideal circumstances, the system has enough battery capacity to run up to three days without any solar input.

Systems Include:

  • Solar panels with pole mounting bracket
  • Specially designed, energy efficient 24 volt compressor
  • High volume cooling fan
  • Fully adjustable aluminum manifold
  • Diffuser(s)
  • 100% recycled plastic cabinet
  • Batteries
  • 1/2" Airline and equipment pad are available separately. Please call or email for a complete quote

The table below lists information, including quantity of different components included, for each system.

Item # Max Size Pond Batteries Compressors Diffusers Solar Panels Suggested Airline (Not Included)
SPA-1N Up to 1 acre 2 1 1 1 100'
SPA-2N Up to 2 acre 2 1 2 1 200'
SPA-3N Up to 3 acre 4 2 3 2 300'
SPA-4N Up to 4 acre 4 2 4 2 400'

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