Palace Artificial Fish Habitat-2-pack

Product Code: FD-PALACE2

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2 each units are included when you place an order for 1. Photo shows how the product looks before being prepared for installation on the left, and after on the right.

The Palace fish structure combines small low branches around the base for fry and forage species, with larger branches of various sizes for the adults and predators. A combination of all the various cuts,lengths and sizes of this Eco-friendly reclaimed PVC material creates the most realistic looking habitat available.

This structure stands a full 48" tall with limbs ranging down to about 20", with widths from 1/8" to over 4". Simply bend the individual limbs to your preference and toss in the water - installation is as easy as that!

The textured surface area creates the perfect substrate to grow periphyton, which is a complex mix of aquatic organisms that cling to submerged surfaces and create the basis for the aquatic food chain.

Each Palace fish attractor weighs approximately 21 pounds and can be used in waters from 4 to over 10 feet deep. This versatile cover provides habitat for all sizes of fish. Bass, Crappie, Bluegill and many more will utilize the beneficial habitat that these units provide. For best results, install units in groups of 3 or more.

Smaller sized units are available. Quantity discounts available with full pallet orders of 50 or more units. Please call or email to inquire.