Mag Drive Pump, 120 GPH

Mag Drive Pump, 120 GPH

Product Code: EP120

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This Mag Drive pump is very quiet, super efficient and requires no oil. It is amphibious, so it can be used as a submersible pump or out of the water as an inline pump. Pump includes a pre-filter, flow diverter valve, 2 fountain nozzles, 12 foot power cord and

3/8" discharge. The pump is UL listed for safety and has a 3 year warranty!

The table below shows Gallons per Hour (GPH) of water flow at different feet of head (height, in feet, that water must be pumped above pond surface):

Item # Watts Max GPH 3ft 6ft 9ft 12ft 15ft
EP120 9 120 80 - - - -