Liquid Bacteria and Enzyme, 1 gallon

Liquid Bacteria and Enzyme, 1 gallon

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Keystone Hatcheries has developed its own line of Liquid Bacteria with Enzymes added for pond and lake treatments. This powerful blend will break down organic wastes, which helps eliminate surface scum. The beneficial strains of bacteria will promote better water quality, which will reduce odors, increase water clarity and reduce the need for Algae treatments. Because of the high concentrations of bacteria and enzymes, we highly recommend the use of aeration during and after application of this product. No shipping or water use restrictions!

Dosage Rates:In lakes and natural ponds, apply 1 gallon per surface acre every other week when water temperatures exceed 55F. In large Koi Ponds and Water Gardens apply 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons of water weekly when water temperatures exceed 55F. Be sure to aerate vigorously during and after treatment!

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