EasyPro Bead filter - 15000 gallon maximum

EasyPro Bead filter - 15000 gallon maximum

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EasyPro bead filters offer mechanical and biological filtration for water gardens, koi ponds and hybrid ponds using a seven position control head, so you can clean your pond filter without even getting your hands wet! The strong fiberglass reinforced filter body can be buried up to control head for easier concealment, and the Ultimate Tube Media, which is included, is designed for maximum filtration and minimal back pressure. These filters are simple to install and maintain. They include free unions for all plumbing lines on models PBF90through PBF250. Three larger side mount filters are available for ponds up to 60,000 gallons with 3" inlet/outlets allowing for higher flow rates. Plus, the convenient bottom drain port allows for easy sludge removal between back flushes.


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PBF150 15000 gal. 30x39 2 100 gpm




Optional Upgrade:

AIR BLOWER - The blower option blasts air into filter prior to backflush agitating the media, which allows for a more thorough cleaning and reduces the amount of water loss. Package includes 115 volt, 1.5 HP blower, check valve/ball valve, bulkhead fitting, internal diffuser pipe and PVC fittings. Blower kits bought with filter will have bulkhead installed in filter tank. Blower kits bought separately from filter will require installation in the field. We recommend buying the Air Blower upgrade at time of filter purchase. Contact Us to order filter with blower.