2,000 gallon Linear Diaphragm Aeration System

2,000 gallon Linear Diaphragm Aeration System

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Koi ponds need a lot of aeration! In fact, most ponds and water gardens benefit a great deal from the addition of oxygen and water circulation, which this highly efficient system provides. In addition, this system is a superb winter deicer, but be sure to aerate shallow in winter so that you do not super-chill the water.

This system features an extremely quiet, weather-resistant, highly efficient Linear Diaphragm Compressor. It is designed to aerate shallow ponds, generally 5 feet deep or less. These compressors are so quiet that you can hardly hear them run, and their low cost, durability and electrical efficiency makes them unbeatable.


This System includes:
  • 15 watt Linear Diaphragm Compressor (#EPW2)
  • 15 feet of Heavy Duty Weighted Airline
  • 8" Rubber Membrane Diffuser (#RAD850)
  • All necessary fittings
  • Complete Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions
Size Pond That System Will Aerate
Max Depth Max Pond Size
2 feet 1,000 gallons
3 feet 1,500 gallons
4 feet 2,000 gallons

This system can aerate ponds of at least 10,000 gallons in winter. Because cold water holds much more oxygen than warm water, and because metabolic rates are drastically decreased in cold water, you can aerate a much bigger pond in winter with a certain size system than you can in the summer. Exact applications depend on depth, shape, vegetation, amount of fish and nutrient load.

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