1-1/4" Coupling Check Valve Assembly - EP850. EP1050, EP1350

Product Code: SCVA12PS

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These units are designed to easily connect a pump that is in a skimmer or vault to a flexible or rigid PVC waterline. The check valve is important for stopping a backflow of water in the event of a power loss. Each unit has a heavy duty PVC Check Valve with a MNPT fitting that screws into the pump on one end, and a rubber coupling to connect to the water line on the other end. The table below shows which Check Valve Assemblies are compatible with which pumps and skimmers.

Item # Size Line Compatible Pumps Compatible Skimmer/Vault
SCVA12PS 1-1/4 EP850, EP1050, EP1350 PS4E
CVA12EP 1-1/4 EP2200 PSM
CVA15EP 1-1/2 EP2200, EP3200 PSM
CVA15THM 1-1/2 TH150 PSM
CVA15TH 1-1/2 TH150, TH250, TH400, TH750 PS1, JAFM
CVA20TH 2 TH150, TH250, TH400, TH750 PS1, JAFM
CVA30EP2 3 All TM, TB Pumps PS2, JAFV
CVA30EP9 2x3 EP9700 PS2, JAFV